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Firstly a huge thank you to Natalie KringoudisKirby Collins and Joel Petite. Without your support over the last 6 weeks (I know it’s not quite 6 weeks but for me the challenge is ending tomorrow).

It has been very tough at times – exercise and food, and life has definitely thrown me some hurdles just to test my commitment. I’d like to say I stayed committed and had it has shown me I can eat well and fit in an exercise routine even when I’m feeling tired and exhausted. I have really enjoyed the exercise routines and I’m happy to say I will continue with these and hopefully be able to move on to the intermediate/ advanced workouts. Thank you so much for these Joel. Thank you Kirby for the meal prep inspiration and the food ideas. The banana pancakes will be a regular feature in my new diet. The almond milk lattes will be as well.

Thank you Nat for giving me the opportunity to experience this 6 week challenge. I may be back for another one!! Thank you to my fellow challengers. I have enjoyed reading your posts on exercise, food and was relieved and happy to know there were others feeling the same as I was. Thank you all for making this such an enjoyable experience for me.


Wow! What a life changing experience!!! Kirby Collins a huge thank you for introducing me to foods that I have learnt to love and appreciate! My 3 boys haven’t noticed the “gluten free” in anything!!  Joel Petite a massive thank you for your weekly exercises and the weekly challenges (this last challenge I think is the hardest!) I am loving not pulling up sore after a workout, whether it be Joel’s workout, or a fitness class at the gym. Natalie Kringoudis thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for encouraging me to take on the challenge. I now have the mindset of “what I weigh isn’t everything”. I feel the most at ease with myself than I have in years (which is massive for me) My husband can see such a difference in my attitude and believes I am beaming with confidence.So once again a massive thank you to our experts and to everyone else for letting me come along this journey with you all.


Hey Natalie Kringoudis  I managed to experience 2 cycles within the 6 weeks. Wow, the second one I had pretty much zero symptoms. This is coming from someone who had the worst PMS in the entire world, weight gain and all the nasty things that come along with fibroids and adenomyosis. I feel the 16 hour fasts have made all the differences. Thank you thank you sooooooo much.